Thanks so much for visiting the Lady Ham website. My name is Tash and I live in Melbourne, Australia! 

Lady Ham was birthed out of a desire to help people be their best self. I’m passionate about passing on the knowledge I’ve gained over the years as a qualified makeup artist and skin care enthusiast.

So why Lady Ham? Well… it’s nothing super profound. I married a guy named Josh Ham and somewhere along the line people started calling me Lady Ham – I kinda liked it as a sort of invincible alter ego of my very vincible self ha! I imagine her as the embodiment of the best of me – the only version of myself I’d want passing on beauty knowledge and advice, so I thought what better name to call this than Lady Ham.

My interest in makeup and beauty started early in life. At the age of 7, I remember locking the bathroom door and trying out mum’s makeup then sheepishly acting normal when I couldn’t fully remove it before she noticed – she almost always did! I’ve been interested in makeup ever since, and now that I’m a bit older, my focus on skincare has grown significantly (gotta keep them wrinkles at bay peeps!). Plus I just love a good pamper sesh. 

I’m all about helping people find the best products for their specific skin needs! I love exploring new trends, trying new products and seeing what direction the industry is going but I especially love finding products that are tried and true, ‘go-to’, ‘old faithful’s’ – products that we know are good for our skin-type and are legit awesome.

Trends help us see what is on the market, and what the general population is loving at that moment; but I believe it’s important that we make informed decisions about what products we use, based on what we know will work best for our skin type and personal preferences. I put high value on placing quality over popularity, and so at Lady Ham, I endeavour to focus on exactly that – quality – because you deserve that!

I know you’ll find what you are looking for.

Let’s do this!

Lady Ham <3

Quality, honesty, simplicity, sustainability & individuality.